our mission

empower those impacted by cancer

Bad Genes’ mission is simple: Empower those impacted by cancer. Through our unique “cancer clothing line,” we aim to raise awareness about cancer, inspire cancer survivors or those impacted, and directly support cancer research.

We donate 50% of our net proceeds directly to non-profit organizations that align with this vision. We are also dedicated to making a responsible impact. We use sustainable materials and packaging, and our dyes are certified as non-cancer causing, meeting the standards of Oeko-Tex certification.

Our aspiration is to grow into a brand that can make an even greater contribution to this cause. Our driving goal is to maximize our donations, allowing us to create a substantial impact in the fight against cancer. We are committed to inspiring the cancer community—and are excited to share our brand with the world. 

where we donate?

A Note From Our Founder

As a hematology/oncology nurse, I've seen firsthand the challenging experiences faced by cancer patients and their families. This motivated me to create a clothing brand with a dual purpose: not just to generate funds for cancer research, but also to provide encouragement and support for those battling cancer.

Our clothing goes beyond style; it's a symbol of hope and support for those in the cancer fight. By committing to donate 50% of our net proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to cancer research, my goal is to contribute positively to the ongoing battle against this disease.

I'm deeply passionate about this endeavor, thankful for the chance to blend my love for fashion with my desire to help cancer patients and their families.

With love,


For every item purchased, 50% of the net proceeds are donated to support cancer research or to provide financial support for individuals and families impacted by the disease. By providing funding to non-profit organizations directly involved in cancer research, we hope to progress the development of new cancer treatments, improve existing therapies, and study potential causes of the disease itself. We hope to aid families affected by the financial hardships of cancer. Hospital bills and unemployment can put individuals and their loved ones in extreme hardship; we hope to lessen that burden by contributing to organizations that will support families and give them the necessary resources to recover.


What we wear on our body is just as important as what goes in our body. The process of dyeing fabrics can be toxic, polluting, and involve the utilization of harmful substances. Many of the dyes used during the manufacturing process are carcinogenic. Carcinogens are substances that are linked to the formation of cancerous cells. It can not only be harmful to you, but to the people dyeing the clothes.

That is why every product from Bad Genes is Oeko-Tex certified. This certification guarantees that our products are safe and free of hazardous chemical use. At Bad Genes, we prioritize environmental and human safety. You can wear our clothes knowing you did your part to protect yourself, the people making them, and our planet.